An Existent Light An Existent Light Florence B & W hand printed 28052160 Pride Day B&W Hand printed 28052138 The Play B&W Hand printed 28052139 Mariner B&W hand printed 28052140 Flirt B&W Hand printed 28052162 Prime Time B&W Hand printed 28052159 Mary B&W Hand printed 28052161 Raggity Man B&W Hand printed 28052143 Flesh, Fruit & Vegetables B&W Hand print 28052142 B&W Hand print 28052144 Share B&W print 28052166 Ride in B&W Hand Print 28052168 Ride out B&W Hand print 28052158 Long March B&W Hand print 28052165 Seige B&W Hand Print 28052163 Long march 2 B&W Hand print 28052169 Lawsuit B&W Hand print 28052141 China town photographed by Sean Wholley Philadelphia, Pa. 28294012 Saturday class photographed by Barbra Nislick, Sanctuary roof top of the Fleisher art Memorial, Phila, Pa. 28294011