"Our Hero Inc."

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           "UP-DATES" / June & July "08

                     "Thanks" to all you folk stopping in to see how we're developing, " in the future "

I'll be posting up-dates on the "13th" of every month, this will involve all "Our Hero Inc" &, "Palace of Depression

Project " Devolopments.

                                 Before I go on with what's new, I'd like to say a few things in reply to some of the

 "input" I've received & to clarify a few things for the record;

"Our Hero Inc."  is an independent supportor of the "P.D.R.P", the pages & text are our contribution to the

project, as well as any volunteer work by "yours truly "& any comments unless other-wise noted will generally

be the "view of my collective selfs" & should be treated thus.

    "Regarding" the site it'self, Over-all I'm happy with what I've heard  back, I've put some real hours

 in since I decided to "Inc." (could be why we're just a "tad" behind with our product dead-line!)  & as I  "get with

the lingo" program-wise, I hope the stories & up-dates will keep you kiddies tuning in.

 "on"  the subject of "keeping it business" I'm still working on an answer to that one.


                                          "consider this"


                "Some folk, wonder how the magician pulls a rabbit from

                 his hat....

                  but some folk will still ask, why?"


                                                                                                                          "nothing personal', J.R Tirante


 Palace project news / "Our Hero" product up-dates

                    "Now" that the project has started up for the season, our goal is to have the first floor

" Decked" & the basement floor poured & walls to the "Devil's Den" re-built as well as the  fire places

destroyed by vandals a few seasons past, ( not to bore any-one but it's senseless crap like this, that set us back

& I know wore more than a few good folk's intentions down. "A.M" ) And we would like to thank every one who has

come out thus far to help speed things along,to volunteer, please go to well, the volunteer page!

               I will be down-loading inages of the palace project progression as well every 13th, in the "image gallery"

& "Honor Roll" page, the images can be seen in the "Palace project slide show"

                        "Please" don't forget to check out our "LINKS" page! "Crazy Bob & Darliene" who created

the original "POD" site are back , check out thier "Drive-in"!

                     "Our Hero Inc."  will begin accepting "pre-orders" on our first wave of  "Palace mini's" in

July, look forward to :

          "Daynor", "Landis","D'vil ", "Palace post-card /ticket booth set"

                   & "Palace of Depression/Fantastic Castle Mini's".


                                        "TIRANTE  shipyards"   first wave of "in house" crafts  launching in July .

                                               "The Icarus" /  this will include all versions of he P.O.T.A craft, as a multi display,

                                               "The Flying sub" /  with display stand  to provide the classic take off image

                                              "The Voyager" / from "Fantastic Voyage cartoon" /  diplayed  with "Proteus" from the movie



                                                               ( please visit our  "purchase page for pricing and billing info )


                                            "Hero / Heroine Dept"

                                                           "Bruce"  / from "Unbreakable",

                                               "Robin" / from the anime, "Witchhunter Robin"

                                                       "Fireball XL5 crew / jet cycle set"

                                                                                 "PIMP your saucer"

                 I'll be posting some step by steps as I work some of my own personal projects up as well,

This month we take a perfectly good "polar lights" Enterprise kit, & "kit-bash " it into the U.S.S Tirante



                                                                                                                                                                    Well, that's "us" for now!  J.R Tirante

                          "2-morrow file"

                         I'll be posting  ideas and concepts for future projects here,

                                                                   This fall, look forward with us;

                                                                   " The Moya" and "Farscape 1 " display

                                                                    "Jeremiah Criton" diarama

                                                                   "Alex" from "A  Clock-work Orange"

                                                                   "Time-Tunnel" diarama

                                                                   "Eddie at the Palace" diarama

                                                               ( word.. "we" are a "star wars"- free  zone )

                       "July 13th update"

  "Welcome back!" glad you could join us for another installment of "Our Hero Inc"

& the "Palace project". I've posted the latest images of Kevin & co. working thier skills setting

the last floor beam ,these can be viewed in the "Palace project tour / founder's day" album

in the image gallery, salute to everyone, for getting that puppy home, Nick had very little room

to spare, with respect to the original palace remains, (see image with benches!)

so beleive me when I say this was no small task!

"In other news".... "if every picture tells a story, then I definetly have a face for radio".

for those of you who haven't seen it by now, the "Philadelphia Daily News" wrote a great artical

on the Palace project (profs to Jason Nark) featuring on it's front cover "J.D'vil" (profs to

Christina Mazza), you can find this artical on the web,or at the Philly.com site,

 if you haven't heard it by now, "WKYW news radio/1060" has a interview with the "day manager of our

collective selves" J.R.Tirante, as he explains the Palace project, & past Palace lore, this can be heard

on thier site, or just "google" Jeffrey Tirante or Palace Depression, in your search.

"Our Hero Inc" news.. I'll be casting & posting the protos for the Palace collectables at the end

of this month,  as well as the "first wave" from "TIRANTE shipyards",


        This was a tough & sad month, all said & done, & I would ask that you good readers take a

moment of your time & prayers for my wife's family as we mark the passing of a good man, father, & friend,

Carmen Della Penna. "represent"

                                                        "That's us for now"

                                                                                             J.R. Tirante

                      "August 1st updates"

               Break out your de-coder rings, it's time to get with the lingo!

Yep, we now have a "general" price list! This will be posted in our price /policy page

& will cover both commissioned work for "Our Hero Inc."/ "Hero's & Heroines" & "TIRANTE shipyards"

& between now & the 15th will posting  our current "in-house" pieces as I bring them to final detailing.

              For now, those interested in  "enhancments" & "extreme-alter-ego-make-overs" these

 will be handled on a client-by-client basis, the same pretty much for "PIMP" your saucer.

               We'll be adding a new Dept. this month as well, look forward to "We also Walk dogs"

this Dept. covers every thing from jewelry to costuming, as well as "concept consultation" for your own projects,

mural work, land-scaping, & photography, & much more.

              Lastly, as I bring this evening to a close,I ask you good readers once more  to take a moment

of your time  & prayers,  &  Lawd your pets, Our "Sam" passed suddenly due to heart disease complications

& we will miss him, a true companion & family member, I'll never be able to say enough about him,

 To Sam...  "represent"

                                           "That's us" for now.     J.R.Tirante






                       8/4/08 up-date

 " & we're back". I wanted to share with you folk our progress at the Palace this Monday

as we work to complete the "Under-ground Dwelling" faze of the project, I've posted 2 new albums

in the image gallery the 1st album show casing the work on the "kitchen Oven", & Devil's Den Fireplace

& shared wall,  "Classic".

           Our 2nd album features Palace &  in-house figures,mini's & relief work nearing final stages of

completion. faze 2 will be the creation of molds from protos for multi casting. I've posted in our

"Pricing / policy" page how to order these pieces, so 'nuff said here.

      "& now a word" from "J.D'vil", I'd just like to clear something up for the "I still don't

get it gang" I am "a" Jersey Devil, there have been many,  either by design or other-wise

& I'm proud of it,  when the times right there's another "critter" out there, to wear the horns,

 till then, I'll leave you this little bit of pondering, (short stack)

                                    "Ever wonder why the sky is blue ?,

                                 Maybe to let some folk know where to

                                 stop mowing the lawn."


                                                      "That's us for now"  J. D'vil

            "Hampster Day Up-Dates" 8-19-08

             Big news!   We've posted the latest progress on the construction of the "Devil's Den,

  These images can be viewed in the Palace project/founder's day album.


                                   Our Top story tonight is Jennifer Riggio's  class from

                                           "Cumberland county collage Academy for Kids"

                                                                           "Weird N.J class"

        came out for a visit with Kevin & "J.D'vil" for a tour of the Palace Depression, & to "hunt" for the

   "Jersey Devil"!

     If there was ever the reason that explains why we're re-building the Palace, this, for myself covers it

    to a tee! The images are posted in our gallery I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed having the folk

  stop on in for a visit, special profs to Fred for his photo skills as camera man that day!   


                                           "Our Hero Inc."

             will be posting our fall in-house items this week, not to re-iterate but it's been a tough

    season on  the "home front" here, look for with us now,as we move on, & thanks to every one for

    their kind words & prayers regarding our recent lose.


                                  Today's thought was inspired by

                                                       Jennifer Riggio's "Weird Class"

                               "If you can't satisfy one's curiousity,

                                      then at least encourage it"


                                                                 "that"s us for now"

                                                         from all our collective selves.

                                                                                             J.R. Tirante
















                Updates October 21st -08

           Big News! The floor has been poured!, check out the skills of Kennedy & Capital concrete

at our image Gallery,

special profs to FRED for the  "prep work "clearing & leveling the tunnels & floorspace.

          If,  you have stopped by for a visit at the Palace, Look for your selves on the "Palace walk-about"

or Palace project/Founder's Day image Gallery, I've been  trying to keep up with these , so if you haven't

seen your self posted yet, have a little patiance, just trying to get all our ducks in a row so to speak.


                                       "OUR HERO Inc"

       We will be posting our first "In-House products" at the end of October,

(dare I say in time for the holidays!), this will include  series 1 of the Palace Depression collection, &

 more than a few surprises from "TIRANTE shipyards", so keep tuning in,

                                                           "That's us for now"

                                                                                              J.R Tirante




                   "Updates for November 12th-08"

                                               "Deeds, not words"

        Happy all-Hamsters eve, Folks, sorry "we've" been a little spotty here at "O.H.Inc"

 with our up-dates & such, This month will see the 1st postings of our "IN-HOUSE" skills,

 TIRANTE SHIPYARDS  will be posting images shortly of the progress on "The Voyager" -"FLYING SUB"-"Icarus"

& "FARSCAPE 1  diarama"  this month ( at least that the word on the street!) & our first custom figurine

 in it's final stages will be posted shortly in the image Gallerie in our "Heroes & Heroine" album with

our first wave of "IN-HOUSE" figurines,  Our  "Palace Mini's" & figurines will be posted as well in their

 own album this month as well, this album will include the progress on our "EDDIE at the Palace" diarama

with a few new surpises!

                                                           Pricing & Purchace

                               simply put, figurines, ships, & custom diarama prices are now posted,

                                                              "E"nuff said there.

                                                      "2Morrow File UP-DATES"

                                  We've put a few projects on the "back burner" for the moment, but are happy to say that our

   1st "IN-HOUSE" figurine will be posted shortly in the  "Heroes & Heroines" album,  We're in the final stages

  of work on David Bowie as Thomas Newton from the movie,"The Man who fell to Earth" & Robin, from the Anime

"Witchhunter Robin".

                                                                                                        "NEW PROJECTS "

                                                                            "CHEECH WIZARD"

                                                                          "THE FLOATING HEAD"

                                                                                      from "ZARDOZ"

                                                               "THE TIME TUNNEL"diarama"

                                                                                  " DOC SAVAGE "


                                                                        "THE MAN FROM MARS"

                                                                                      (GROK IT?)


                                                                                        "P.D.R.D" NEWS......

             "Every body's got their own good reason, why their favorite season's

their favorite season" (Echo & the Bunnymen/The Game)

                                I love Autumn, & after a season of 90+ temps it was wonderful to see the a

real change this season as work on the Palace draws to an end for the winter months,

 so if you haven't visited the project yet, now is a great time for pics!, please check out the image gallerie,

(plus what we've posted on "FLICKR") to see the Palace project in all it's "Fall glory"

              For all the good folk that have visited the site this season, look for your selves in the

                                                   "Palace project/Founder's Day /visitor's album"

                     "Word", I began this up-date with a quote from a "short-lived comic saga"

                                                       "Ass-Kickers of the Fantastic"

                        To EVERYONE who came out this season to lend their help,& support,

                                             "THANK YOU"

                         for our viewers out there that couldn't make it out to the Palace this season

please check out the skills of the good folk that did & made it possable for us to finish repair work on the

vandalism, pouring the basement floor, &, planking the first floor MAJOR work! ( the 1st floor, was done

in the pouring rain!)                         " REPRESENT"


                                       And Last but not least...

            The "P.D.R.P"  has a display in the showcase on the bottom floor entrance of City Hall

             please take a look at the image gallerie (well.. for the images!) or better yet, stop on in!


                                                                 "That's us for now"

                                                                                             J.R Tirante




                " UP-DATE "09 "

                                      "Happy Newyear" & Best wishes to every one this season!

                Welcome back Folks!, first, Lets get some thanks out of the way, on "New Years eve",

                   Mike Brosh & Co. (Escavator) came out to the Palace & graded the grounds & parking spot

                  to "street level" Thanks Guys!


                                Folks, starting this "Hamster Day" (13th of every Month) The Palace Depression Project

                 & "Our Hero Inc." will be sporting their own "up-dates" pages, I will be giving the galleries a overhaul

                   as well.

                                                       "Thanks again "!

                                   To every one this season who came out to be part of the Palace project

                        stay well & we hope to see you this spring until then,...

                                                     " that's us for now"

                                                                 Jeffrey R Tirante, "O.H.Inc"