"Our Hero Inc."

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                 "Up-Dates 4- 16th-17th-09 "

 "Hello, & Welcome back" Folks "We're" still having glitches with the  program here, not sure what's

  up, but "We're" having problems with the loading of the content boxes  on the "Up-dates " pages for

"Our Hero Inc." & the" Palace project page so We are going to use this page for now to keep you  informed

till we suss this out ! 

          To re-iterate..  Kevin & Co. have  resumed work on the Palace, many thanks to every one who worked right

through the winter months to take us that much farther, & to all of you behind our progress, if you haven't

seen the skills of these folk,  take a "walk through" in the image gallery, & original up-date pages as well.

         "O.H.Inc." has  the first in-house production models on display in the image gallery these are 

the "Palace postcard relief" series & are now available either by mail-order, or stop by the Palace & get yours

at the "Ticket booth" it's self!  Jeffrey Tirante's  photography exhibit " an Existent light " will  continue to

run in the Image Gallery  sans the nude work,   not out of any censor-ship, & by the photographer himself,

"We" will however be creating a "Member's Gallery"  the will require a  password  for this gentleman's said

work & any thing else which may simply be "NOT for the kids" He will be continuing his artist's statement in

the "Photonic Gallery" but only after we squeeze a little more love out of him "on the wheel"!,  We hope you

will keep tuning in. Until then.... P.S   swt drmz tink.


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                            & watch for our "Infos" on the P.D.R.P & "O.H.Inc."