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          Up-dates 1-13th- 09

                                   "Hello & welcome back!"

        Many thanks to every one who came out this season & brought us up to speed with

 their good will & intentions, for those of you good readers that have been following our

 progress over the years, & for the last season here at  "O.H.Inc" this is the new up-dates

 page exclusive to the  "Palace of Depression project"  Vineland's Founder's Day, & other

 Palace project related news.

           For all you New-bee's " you can catch up by visiting the original "Up-Dates '08"

 page , the many albums on display in our "Image Galleries" ( please note,  if you have any

probs viewing the images,let me know via "E") please check out the "Palace honor roll ", &

 Links to our many friends & supporters.

              The  "P.D.R.P " is taking a break  & hopes to return to the Palace as early as

 March, Until then, Please keep checking in to see what's up.

             Well, from all of us here till the next up-date, Thanks Fred, I get it, I just have

 good "game face", & to the Vineland bus Station , "I miss the eats'"....

                                                                             "That's us"

                                                                                                    J.R Tirante


            " Up-Date 2-9-08"

                                       Evening Folks!


                        welcome back for news that just can't wait'till "Hampster Day!"


                           "Come one & All!"

                               To the 2nd Fund raiser March 27th'09

                  For the Palace of Depression restoration project

           hosted by the Moose Lodge, 187 W.Wheat rd.,Vineland,N.J

           Addmission is $25.00 & includes Dinner & Entertainment

                                        "Enjoy the laughs"  

                                   MC'd by Vineland's own;

                                              Mike KC

                                    "East Coast Favorite"    

                                           Randy Latini    


                                      "The Most Dangerous Waiter Alive!"

                                             Dan Scully

                         for more information, & ticket purchase

          contact Kevin Kirchner  at City Hall, Dept. L&I, Vineland, N.J

                                        ( 856) 794-4113

                                        " See ya there!" 





           "Up-Dates 2-20-09"


 some great pics "out there" on the web from folk who  have tripped out to the Palace

 for their own walk abouts! 

Most of the images can be found on "FLICKR", & it's refreshing as well as encouraging for

 all of us  in the "P.D.R.P" to see & share what our "visitors" find interesting, & memorable

about their  trip to the palace project, so take a walk through some of these albums, my

 special faves are "Trixipinks" images of the fire-place in the "Devil's Den",  & the "Ticket

 booth" at sun-set, Beutiful.

  For a virtual visit, check out David Hilbmann's skills at  " http://photosynth.net" this, is

really freakin' cool ! 

                                                                "Keep clicking folks!"

                                                                                  Jeffrey R Tirante,




                "Up-Date 3-6-09"


     please visit the image Gallery for a peek of the up & coming "Minie's" "We're" working

 on in time for the "P.D.R.P"fund raiser , We will be re-issuing the original relief. & ticket


 We, have also Posted in the image Gallery a collection of B&W photographs Taken by our

resident artist,  Jeffrey R Tirante , "An Existent Light"  20+ years in Philadelphia through

 Art & Journalism for more info, you can read up on his work in our

                                                 "PHOTONIC GALLERY" 

 & stop in for current up-dates at "Our Hero Inc."as well.

                                              "Forewarned is foreknowlage"

                           there ARE nudes in the "Art section" of this album

                                                                 use your own judgment.....

                                                                                                 "That us for now" 


                  "Up-Date 3-13th-09"


 & welcome back folks, this Up-Date is brought to you by the "Late breakin' skills" of

 Fred Tolley,

  Fred, joined up this season, working the concrete mixer all season & then some for Kevin

 & Co.  which truly brought the project up to speed,  &  finishing off this season with a

 hand-made gate for the entrance to the underground kitchen & Devil's Den, Please,

take a first look at this in our image Gallery.    Salute!


"Short & Sweet this evening folks" 

'Nite !  J.R.Tirante






                     " Up-Date 3-26th-09"



 On the eve of the 2nd  fund raiser for the Palace of Depression project on behalf of

 "ourselves"at "O.H.Inc." & the project thanks again for all the support every one is

 looking forward to a great evening I would hope, Now for those of you folk,  New to the

 site, & a few who still don't "get it",

                                                                   "Our Hero Inc."

is a on-line store , that hosts the Palace project's web site, as our contribution to the

 project, we also host other forms of art,& music projects as well, some of which may or

 may not, interest you, ALL PROJECTS SHARE THE Image Gallery, & this is public domain.

 currently there is a photo album of my own posted (again MY SITE) 

I  have stated prior to this UP-DATE that there are NUDES in this collection, as well with

 MY artist statement, having said this again I post, you read, you, use your discretion, & I

 can't stress this enough, these have nothing to do with either Kevin & the Palace project,

 so, if you feel the need to discuss this subject via my company

# or via "we also walk dogs"  seriously, don't be surprised that we , have an opinion,

about your opinion...

                                     .Jeffrey R Tirante, Jeff Tiante, J. Dvil, & jef



                  "Up-Dates 3-27-09"

"Check em out!"

We've posted in the Image Galley our first pre-production  miniatures for the

                                          "Palace of Depression"

These are the "studies" used to work out the "bugs" & color work-up for the

production models, these, are hand signed & Dated by the artist, & will be available at the

 fundraiser via"Silent Auction" highest bid walks with these collectables & part of the

proceeds will be donated by"O.H.Inc." to the Palace project as well! 

                                                                        "See ya there!"



                        "Up-Dates 3-28-09"

"On Behalf" of the Palace of Depression Restoration project,


                                         all for your wonderful show of support

                       we've posted images from the festivities in the Image Gallery



                    " Up-dates June 1st '09"

  Hello again!

we've posted the latest image of the Palace progress in the image gallery,thanks to all the

groups have been coming out to bring the project up to speed,check out Kevin & Fred's

 skills cutting the wishing well, & "peep holes"! take a moment as well to check out our pals

 at "O.H.Inc." for the latest collectables available in our "show room image gallerie" or

 stop by the ticket booth to check em out for real!




                  " Up-dates July 19th - "09"

"Hello & welcome back folks " deep profs!" to everyone out there 

keeping up with our skills at the Palace,

Please check out our image gallery for the latest  from Steve and the New Jersey

 Youth corps,

they have really made a differance and we thank them, please check out their skills! 

Thanks to the Vineland Rotary club for their visit

please stop in any time! and if you have come out for a visit your self,

 check yourself out in our visitor's gallery! Thanks again, best

intentions to everyone onboard,

                                                        Jeffrey Tirante

                                         for more info call or text us @ 215-806-6341 thanks!


                   " Up-Dates July 27th-09'

                     "Deeds, not words"

         our special thanks to Nick Rehm & Co.

for coming out & giving their all for the project. "Salute"

to the gals & guys of the "New Jersey youth corps", thank

you, for making the choice to make the Palace "yours",

              good intentions, good work.

check out the N.J youth corps skills in our image gallery,

we will be  posting more soon, apologies for not posting

names yet, but  we"ll get to it soon, Untill then...



P.S., don't forget to look for yourself in our "image gallery"

if you've been out for a visit, plus I've posted some of my own

"storm images from the Palace"

              just trying to keep "focused".. J.Tirante

                   "Up-Dates Sept. 9th, 09"

"Welcome back!"

thanks to every one this season that have come out this season

through thick and thin, a lot has been acomplished and we still have a few more

 weeks left to really tune the Palace up before battening down the hatches for the

 winter months,until then, please keep checking in , Fred Tolley has completed the

 gates for the "Underground"dwelling, and they are incredable! check out his skills

 in the "door hanging" album in our image gallery, like-wise, if you have been out to

 visit, look for yourself in the friends and visitors album, if you don't see your

 name listed, please be patient, I may have left the guest book at the Palace this

 past up-date! (my bad!) 

                                 the big news!

            the Palace is open during the week

   for limited tours, as we will be working on the interior

      till it just gets to dang cold! and the "plan".... to throw

  one monster of a Halloween party to celebrate every one's

   work and efforts! please keep tuning in for up-dates

   regarding this event!, and we hope to see you there!

                              till then.... thanks, J.Dvil

                 " Up-Dates Oct. 1st,09"

 " Hello and Welcome back"

 like to say hello and thanks to the folks from  "Collingswood Manor" who came out this

Tuesday, and to the "young feller'" who provided us with the first color images of the

original Palace of depression, these were taken after the Palace was abandoned  sometime

in the mid-60's  and capture how I remember the Palace prior to it's deterioration , and

now have the rare fortune to show you folk, these can be veiwed in the "Daynor's Palace"

album in the image gallery, enjoy. whike your'e there check out the latest images in the

N.J  youth corps album as Steve and these men and woman set the window bars in the

office of the P.oD's radio tower, they have truely made this "their part of the P.oD"


                                               and the big news is ;

                       " Halloween at the Palace!"

 the Palace will be  celebrating all Hallow's eve, this fall on

the evenings of Oct. 17th, 23rd, & 24th, come and check out our

skills as we present the Palace and everyone's skills to the public

 with the 1st annual Halloween party,  Admission is 5 dollars with

parking on site,with a door prize drawing of a three piece set

of original pre-production miniatures" of the Palace depression

created  by Jeffrey Tirante, each hand-painted and signed. to see

examples of these pieces visit the image gallery at

                            "Our Hero Inc."

for more info on the Halloween party contact Kevin Kirchner at

           Vineland City Hall, (856) 794-4118. "see ya there!"

                                                 good night..J.Tirante


              " Up-Dates Oct. 8th - 09"

Check out those crazy eyes..

 special thanks to Janice Olivio for the custom eyeballs now set in the face of the devil's

 den fireplace! for those who have been asking,those are her glass paperweights as well

 scattered thru out the Palace walls.  so check out the progress in the Kitchen/ Fireplace

 image Gallery, more work done on the "Kitchen throne as well to see! more images from

 the NewJersey youth corps, check out Maria in the Fireplace! 

                                         "nite" J. Dvil

                 'UP-dates October 25th  '09"

            " Welcome Back !, & many thanks to everyone "

                        who made it out & possible as well for the 1st annual

                             "Palace Depression Halloween walk through", 

it was through a lot of effort & devotion that this season & the event was made possible,

thanks to the New jersey Youth corps, Ocean County Marine Votec, for their time &

effort on the 1st floor, & radio tower this season, Fred Tolley for the incredible gates &

Nicky Rehm & Co. for their skills & heavy lifting & The folks from  "Sun Bank", who came out

to decorate the Palace on Columbus Day for the event Oct. 23rd, as well as "all the

ghost, ,goblins, witches that volunteered to make this evening happen!


          We will be posting images as they arrive from our guests, so keep an eye out  for you

and yours in our image gallery, We,ll also be posting the winner of the P.o.D halloween door

prize of a Palace miniature set created by "Our Hero Inc." for the occasion, check out these

pieces & more in the image gallerys.

                                          "Best wishes to all this autumn season,"

                                                                                              Jeffrey Tirante

                               "Up-Dates" Nov. 9th, "09

"Welcome back!


 Thank you to all who came out for the 1st Palace Depression Halloween walk-thru, special

profs, and consideration to all who came out and volunteered as well! a lot of work, and a

 lot of fun!, if you didn't make it out, we've posted some images taken by Fred Tolley, and

will be posting more as we get them ! to the good folk at Sun bank that came out to

decorate, check out your skills in the image gallery!

             Well, it's been quite the season at the P.o.D, a lot acomplished, and while we may

have stopped throwing mud for the winter,  we will be keeping up on the interior work in

the "Devil's Den" and "underground kitchen" as weather permits!, for those of you folk

that haven't stopped in to see our progress,  we have decided to keep the Palace open for

visits through out the winter months, this, is "catch as catch can..." if the cables down,

( across the parking lot) come on around! this usually means some one's up to something

down in the den! so stop by and get the "nickle tour"! or call; (215) 806-6341 to see if any

one's home 1st!  "see ya then"!  

                                           "Until then..." J. D'Dvil

                                  and now a word from our sponser...


                                  "Our Hero Inc"


                                                                             Thanks! J.Tirante

             " Seasons Greetings"! Dec.1st, 09

                             "From all of "us' @ 

                           the "O.H.Inc" &"P.D.R.P"

thanks for the good will,& support you have shown through the

  year, enjoy your friends, family & places this holiday season,

                           my mom had a saying ..

              "Make new friends but keep the old ones,

                                    one is silver, 


                                the other is gold"...

                                                   peace out! J.Tirante

                " Dec. 11th, '09 up-dates"

 "People come & go, & forget to close your door,.. & leave a trail of

stains &cigarette butts trampled by the door".. *

                                                         Welcome back

 we've been busy battening down the hatches, but for those of you folk stopping in,


                                                      just remember,

                                      "if the cable's down, come on around!"

                                      chances are Jeff's in, & you'll get the

"nickle tour" other-wise call ahead, we have the site being watched for vandalizim,

 & what we don't want is any of our "friends of the Palace" in the dutch, just for dropping

by! In other news, the Palace now has it's own Mail box ! for those of us that still practice

the art of "snail Mail" our address is; 265 south Mill rd 08360, looking forward to some

Xmas cards!  ..In other news .. "O.H.Inc." has re-issued the original "pre-poduction reliefs

of the Palace, these feature a variety of one of a kind paint jobs no 2 alike, & can be

ordered via the purchase page at "Ourhero" or pick yours up at the Palace your  next

  visit out!

                     until then, Folks enjoy your Holidays, & stay warm.

                                                                                            peace out. J.Tirante


                    "Up-Dates, 12-23rd '09


                                    at the Palace Depression, images by Jeffrey Tirante.