"Our Hero Inc."

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                     UpDates, Jan. 19th, "10

                                      "Welcome back!"

                                        Happy New year to you, you, & yours...

                  busy at the P.o.D through the winter months for the 1st time!

                                                  weather(or not)withstanding,

                                                     a lot of folk have found;

                                      "when the cable's down, come on 'round""

                                                  often with a fire to greet them

                                                           in the "Devil's Den"


                                    the nickle tour, host, & Chief Gilly..(lookit up)

                                                        non other than "j.D'vil..

                              so keep checking in & viewing the image Galleries,


                                                  phone ahead(856) 899-3291


                                                    let's see you "out there"....

                                                                                              thnx ! Jeffries Tirante

                   "Up-Dates Febuary 3rd '10

                                   "Special thanks!"

                     to everyone this season,that's dropped in to "check our pulse!",

                                     still working on the "Cafe'"!

                             other wise, it been nice to have the company,

                          if you can't make it out don't forget to keep touch,


                                        we hope to see you in the spring,

                                Landscaping continues, weather permiting,


                                             the "giftshop" is always open

                             thanks to the skills  of the "O.H.Inc" with a variety of

                             "inhouse"pre-production Miniatures available at a

                                                "suggested donation"


                            for your consideration, this spring will see the publishing of

                           "The Moon is not just for you"..

                                              Vol.1 words & images by j.D'vil.

                          in the meantime, you can read excerpts in the "Photonic Gallery"

                         as well as the album in the image gallery with Jeff's "moon shots"

                                                        That's us for now...

                                                                       enjoy  J. Tirante.

                "UP-Dates March, 22nd 2010"

 Folks we're going to resume construction on the Palace the

1st week in April, we'll be out there Mondays & Saturdays

from morning till at least 4pm, for more info, call Kevin Kirchner

at L & I 1-856-794-4113, or Jeff at , 856-899-3291

                                                                    Thanks. J. Dvil


                   "UP-Dates April 13th 2010"

              Thanks to every one that's come out so far !

Thanks to the skills of the New Jersey youth corps., We have a

real push going on with the radio tower, Profs to Fred Tolley for

working out the turtle shell door, and we should see this and the

ramps installed by the end of May, with the rest of the 1st floor


         Latest work in progress is the Mural of the Palace done by

resident"Gilly"J.D'vil.. of the Palace on the side of the trailer, as

 well as how to join us on Mon. & Sat.

                  lots of folk are also finding out

the Palace is open for a "look-see,just check if the

                            "cables down,come on around"

          and you'll more than likely get the grand tour!

hope you've been tuning in to "jydvil1" on our youtube station,

since our re-occupation we've managed a few ditties

at the ticket booth,& soon plan to expand our fun as we bring you

                           "Live from the Mir Cafe'"


The Agents of Mirth..nuff said! see ya out there.


               " Up- Dates July 7th 2010"

                                  "Welcome back!" 

    profs to those who braved the heat this season& stopped in

                              for the "nickle tour"!

        this month saw the installment of the turtle shell door, &

                 the start of the ramp system, these are the

   creative skills of our friend Fred Tolley,who also created the

   gates for the kitchen & den, you can view the images in our photo


                    We have a new "contact number"

                             for Jeff Tirante, the

                                 "Gilly" on site,

                        those needing to reach him

                          may call; 856-899-3291

          Again, our thanks to the New Jersey youth corps

                      for their help at the Palace,

                                 "That's us" for now,

                                                         Jeff Tirante


                   "Up-Dates August 13th, 2010"

                       Good morning!, & Happy Hamster day!

best wishes to everyone who has come out this season to check

out our progress & lend a hand profs to the Trenton youth corps

for making the long drive down on Mondays to help out and to the

Vineland daily Journal, & Philadelphia Inquire for thier wonderful

coverage of the project! we'd like to also welcome aboard several

new members to the "O.H.Inc",


                    Race Daynor, the official P.o.D Cat.

                                                      "that's us" for now! J,D'vil

                          "Up Date Sept.13th, 2010""

                              COME ONE COME ALL!

                                    to the 2nd annual


                                           walk thru

                                at the Palace Depression!

                                we'll be opening our doors

                                          October 16th

                                      from 6pm till 10pm


                                      on the 22nd and 23rd,

                                          for more info,

                                             call ahead at

                                         (856) 794- 4113,

                                      "ask for Kevin Kirchner"


                                           (856) 899-3291

                                        " the resident Gilly"

                                           for more details,


                                            just stop on in!

                                          see you out there!

                                                   enjoy. J.D'vil



              "Up- Dates" September 18th 2010"

"Welcome back!" Folks, check out the latest skills of the New Jersey youth corps!

this Saturday all their hard work paid off as  Salina, Melisa,Dan, Steve and Randy came out

and set the final bricks  that joined the re-creation of the Palace to the original ticket

booth, these folk came out on their day off to accomplish this! check it out in our image

gallery,  and the work that Camden's Youth corps that came out on the following Monday to

begin the path around the main house! thanks folks!

                               hope to see you  for the big Halloween walk-thru!

                                                                                                        enjoy! j. Dvil

      "Up-dates November 5th 2010"

"Thanks folks" !  to every one who enjoyed themselves at the Haunted walk-thru!

   for those of you folk who couldn't make it out, we have a photo album in our image gallery

from Debra bowser,enjoy! in other news, we still have no word on the generators that were

stolen from the P.o.D, sadly two of these were donated for the by long time supporter &

volunteer"Archetto consruction" if you have any information  please either contact

them,(check links & lawds for #) or Kevin Kirchner @856-794-4113 here's hoping..

In other news, we have a new "youtube" station for those of you that have been following

our music series @ jydvil1, we're now on the air with thejydvil2 which will focus on our local

talent and beyond from the Mir Cafe' enjoy!

           sadly we  mark the passing of friend and volunteer Tony Menome, those he came to

the "walk thru" where greeted by him and walked to the Turtle shell door to begin the fun

he will be missed by all. Well, hope to see you out at the Palace, we'll be keeping the doors

open weather permitting, "until then"!  J. Dvil