"Our Hero Inc."

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         "Our Store Hours are virtually 24/7 "

 "Over-nite" team-player "SPARKY" says;... 

"Get with the Lingo!"

                       Prices, & Commissions.

   FIGURINES / IN-HOUSE. average size will be; 4 1/2 - 5 inches.

   will begin at ;  $75.00

   "CUSTOM FIGURES" (special orders, will begin at $100.00

   SPACE CRAFTS / diaramas. begin at $75.00

   "CUSTOM DIORAMAS" begin at &100.00


                                   CUSTOM WORK ON MODEL KITS

                             will be handled on a client to client bases

                                  please call or "E" us for estimates


                                      ALL "IN-HOUSE" PRODUCTS

                          will be posted in our "SHOW ROOM" ALBUM

                            with prices.

                                                                        J.R TIRANTE

               "Purchase /Commission info"

  "For now"... While we look forward to an inventory & "in-house"


 (set-prices, etc) Any commissions considered, will be after the

 following steps;

1) product is agreed upon as ;  "person, place, or thing,"

 2) all images provided by client are approved & agreed upon by the client /

"Our Hero"to best represent commissioned subject for

" re-imagining / execution"  of commission ;

3) A price is agreed upon based on ;"time x material"and set when

 all the aformentioned is agreed upon by both parties mentioned,

 execution of contracted

services begins upon the receipt of a 50% deposit from client to

"Our Hero", c/o ; Jeffrey Tirante call or text me

                        @ (856) 896-4869 thanks

 "Our Hero" upon completion of contract will provide a final "E"

up-date to the client, who inturn will agree/acknowlage completion

 of commission and there for send the remaining balance (50%) to

 the aformentioned "c/o". Thanks for taking the

time to read this!    Jeffrey R Tirante, "Our Hero inc."

 "Our policy on commissioned work/ethics"

                                 " Call me superstitous"

            ( or E-mail me)  either-way, "Our Hero Inc." 

 reserves the right to tell you to look else-where reguarding the

 commission of any work that we feel, simply casts a deragatory or

 other-wise hummiliating result (intended or or not) on the

 subject (person,place ,thing), "Our Hero Inc"s intention

is to provide you with an opportunity to Lawd the intended

 subjects skills, NOT to poop on them, and we simply don't need

 the Karma.  J.T. managment