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                            "New Jersey Youth Corps"


New Jersey Youth Corps is one of the largest youth service and conservation corps in the United States.  Youth Corps is a year-round, voluntary program which engages young adults (ages 16-25) in full-time community service, training, and educational activities.  Guided by staff who serve as mentors and role models, teams of youth called “crews” carry out a wide range of service projects.  In return for their efforts to restore and strengthen communities, Corpsmembers receive:

1) education development in basic skills and preparation to obtain a GED or locally issued Adult High School Diploma;

2) life skills and employability skills instruction;

3) personal and career counseling to build self-esteem, clarify values, and develop leadership skills while they are developing their career portfolio;

4) transition services and continuing support services as they transition to college, training, employment or other national and domestic service opportunities;

5) community service opportunities which develop positive employability skills while addressing unmet community needs.  Corpsmembers receive a stipend while enrolled in Youth Corps.







  " New Jersey Youth Corps "P.O.D" Honor Roll"

                                 Al-Shamar Johnson

                                    Casey Williams

                                       Doug Jones

                                    Joe Hirschman

                                     Mike Beneat 

                                   Richelle Vertolli

                                      Steve Gandy

                                        Tom Lynn 

                                      Austin Mayo

                                      Jose Castro

                                      Ridge Graves

                                     Ziomary Perez 

                                    Timothy Flores


                                       Abe Rivas

                                  Jenna Nalywinski

                                      Ashley Kahn

                                 Carlos Maldonado

                                    Aeisha Tomlin

                                   Julianna Perez

                                      John Mitch

                                   Steven Vasquez

                                      Angel Ruiz

                                  Joanne Centeno

                               Nicholas Rodriguez

                                  Jessica Alverez

                                    Maria Ramos

                                  Angel Acevedo


                                   Steve Medio

                 from  all of us at the P.D.R.P,& O.H.Inc,