"Our Hero Inc."

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        "Welcome! established since April 1st, 2008"

                   "Inspired" by the  "mini's" created of the

                                "Palace of Depression",

                             it's now possible for you to hold that special

                                   person, place, or thing

                                    in the palm of your hand! 


                                                                    "Our Hero Inc"

                                           will recreate that 

                     "Home or Haunt",  "Friends or Loved one"

                                               into a figurine, relief, or diorama !

                                           Transform that

                                          "GAL" or "PAL"

                                                into that 

                                   "HERO" or HEROINE" !

                                     or treat yourself to a

                       "Extreme- Alter- ego - Make- Over" !

              "Visit our skills" in the Image galleries!

               "Palace Miniatures"


                    " Heroes & Heroines" Dept.


                                                 "TIRANTE SHIPYARDS"

                                    "OURHERO Inc."

                 a proud supporter of anything imaginable.