"Our Hero Inc."

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              " UP-DATES" "09


                    "Best Wishes this Holiday Season from all of "Us"

                                                                                   J.R Tirante

           " Up-Dates 1/18/09 "

              "And we're back!" & We are in color!

 First it's been a great year, (almost) & season out at the Palace project, for those of you

 just tuning in & wish to learn more about the Palace Depression project  (P.D.R.P) check

 out the "UP-Dates page"Below the "O.H.Inc's" U.P '09  on the Nav. there on the left.

           We are pleased to say that the first look at our product with a basic color work-up

 has been posted in " O.H.Inc " Heroes & Heroines' Dept. in the image Gallery, this gallery

 is designed for you folk to have a chance  to view our product through every stage of

 development of concept & completion, this month we offer  a First Look at the "Palace

 Mini's" sceduled for March release (casting begins in Febuary, check price/pol for

pre-order-ing) as well as a "In- house Hero" figure & personal project ( Carol & Sam )


                  "TIRANTE shipyards" has some new ships on the boards, check them  out in the

 image gallery,

               "Well",... I'm beat & it's time to turn it all over to the Hamster for the evening,

   From all our " Respective, collective selves".

            "That's us"

                                  Jeffrey R. Tirante

                   "Up-Date 3-6-09"

          Good morning! Let's have some coffie, vid some 'toons & take a peek at our

 busy schedule.

 First on our agenda is to mark the the retirement of our CEO & life coach of creative

 dogma, SPARKY  Begining as a team member April 13th, 07 he has since through his 

 Yeoman efforts, & patient ways helped set the pace, & vison that has become the

 standard for "O.H.Inc." when we  opened the following April.

            Starting in the "Wheel room" Sparky began moving his way up with such ideas as;

 "Well, try it." the classic; "see if that works",  his witt will be missed.

Next on the board is the word on our 1st wave of miniatures & figurines  available this

 spring We've re-worked the original "Palace relief" this, was originally created from a

 wax model used in the realization of the "Hero" Model of the Palace Depression on display

 in the 1st fr display case in Vineland's City Hall,

(see image gallery for album) the other mini will be "Daynor's ticket booth" the Palace

 ticket booth, as it was "Back in the Day", complete with turn-stile, & spires, these will also

 be hand-painted, (by the resident artist, of our respective collectives) make each piece

 it's own unique vision of the palace, We will be presenting these & other examples of our

 skills at the "P.D.R.P"fundraiser this March,( check Palace up-dates page

for details) & the image gallery for "Our Hero" for the latest pre-production image of

 these & then-some.

  Next up, We have posted in the  Gallery, a collection of photography by Jeffrey Tirante

 With an "Artist's statement" pending ( won't bore you here!) in the PHOTONIC Gallery,

                         Briefly,  I'M feelin' nostalgic ,  having said that, We present

                                  "An Existent Light" 20+ years of Philadelphia

 through Art & Journalisim,  Please note, There are nudes in this collection, so it's your call,

 other wise I hope you folk will enjoy show, ( while I work on some kinda frackin' thing

 called an Artist's Statement !)

  'That's us for now"



                    "Up-Dates 3-17-09"

                                "And so it goes"..

                               Welcome back, few new developments here at

                                                    "Our Hero Inc."

       our 1st of our Palace Miniatures  are ready for casting we are looking forward to

 debut at the March 27th Fund raiser for the Palace Depression restoration project,

 portions of the sales will be donated to the "P.D.R.P" 

                                         "We've opened a new Dept".."O.H.Inc"

                                                             offers the services of


                  "We Also Walk Dogs" * 

              serious inquiries only please.


             "Not finished yet!, We are now on "YouTube"! yep, see for your self the

 effect  10 hr+ shifts in the "wheel"  can have on this humble employee,

                                       " but apparently it was in the contract"

                                  ..so.."O.H.Inc" 1st position music series,

                                          "A hamster made me do it production"

                 currently presenting a few "Ditties" on  guitar during work breaks in the


                     We're gonna break for dinner,so check out the albums,

                                                     go hear a tune, & share.

                                                                 just putting it out there...    Jeff Tirante


                                                                                                                  * for tink..

                     " Up-Date 3-22-09"

"Spring has sprung & Autumns

 so well done, so well done"*

 Welcome back, dinner, ran a little late, but we're going to make this a quick one,then I

 have some molds to cast, & the real fun begins as we hit the 11th hr on our first miniatures

This week concluded the first installment of 1st position music series we hope you have

 been enjoying these,a personal best just getting through in 1 take,  fun stuff.

 We would also like to use this up-date to send out a belated welcome to our newest

 member"Kat" to the "O.H.Inc  & to thank every one for their comments & input over the

 last several months.

                                        "Time now to get with the lingo!"

   I've been asked this a few times, so here goes, the nod given on the Honor Roll page

                                                                 "That Guy"

          simply put   refers to a line from "Die Hard 4" & applies to anyone who

                                                     "steps up to the situation".


                                                                                 Until Then, Jeffrey Tirante

                                                                                       *Echo & the Bunnymen,"Game"


                  " Up- Dates 3-23-09"


 It is our sad duty to take this moment today to mark & honor the passing of our

 friend, comrade & colleague, "Sparky" , who stepped down from "the wheel" only this past

 month ,a stewart visionary of the"O.H.Inc." Sparky hung in to the 11th hr. to over see the

 1st "pre-production" models to come off the wheel before he finally cercumbed to

                                                     "natural be-causes".

                As we close out this up-date we would like to ask in lew of flowers,etc. get

 something nice for your pet,                                                          

                                                              "That's how we roll"





                      " Up-Dates 3-27-09"

                                    "Check em out!"

         we have posted now in the image gallery "O.H.Inc.'s"

         1st"Miniatures" available this spring! check out the

                           "P.O.D."fund raiser album

these will be displayed at tonight's Fund raiser, & you get to "bid"

 on these guys!


                                                 "see ya there!"





" Happy April 1st from "all" of us at "Our Hero Inc."!

"Attention" we will be continuing all our up-dates at the "O.H.Inc"/palace up-dates-2

 page till further notice. thnx

                      " Up-Dates 9-9-09"

                        "No Matter where your going, ..

                                                     here "we" are"....*

               and we're back... It's been a while since our last up-date here at the "O.H.Inc."

          earlier this season in an effort to get our first P.O.D miniatures out for a benefit

          the main mold was destroyed, as the season unfolded, other sad,and unfortunate         

         events occured as well and have since resulted in the "relocation" of the O.H.Inc.,

            and "the wheel" for those good folk that have shown their support, and love

           we thank you... those who have made the choice to move on...

                                                           "as you wish"

       having said that.. We would like to say that we have resumed casting beginning with the

                           "Palace of Depression" miniatures, ( please check image gallery!)

              these will be ready for the season of October and will be available at the

                                                "Halloween Party!"

         please keep tuning in as we will be posting more on this in the up coming weeks,

      as we settle in to our new "digs" we will be finishing up on some of our other products

     that have been simmering on the back burners... any and all inquiries can be asked, and

     answered via our "purchase and commission" page or call; 215-806-6341...

      once more with the best of intentions to all of you and yours out there,

                                                                thank you.

                                                                        sincerely, Jeffrey R Tirante

                                                                                                    * apologies 2 B.Banzi

             "Up-Dates October 25th, '09"

                   " Good evening & welcome back" 

    we have some well wishes & thanks to pass on, from all of "us" here at the "O.H.Inc."

 we saw  a real effort from folk to bring our company, the "Palace project",  & other

efforts, intentions, & wishes "further"...  we are looking forward to your continued interest

& support Thank you

                               Jeffrey Tirante


                  "Up-Dates Nov. 9th '09"

"Welcome back!"

 best wishes and thanks to everyone "in the know" that has lent a hand, and heart during

our re-location  here at "O.H.Inc"in the meantime just to let you know, we have back in

production the original "Palace minis", these were re-cast for the "Halloween walk-thru"

we will begin our "Featured production series" this month, featuring the ticketbooth, and

"Fantastic Castle" miniature, as well as some new stuff from the ship-yards, stop in the

"showroom" image gallery to view these!

                                               In Other News...

             we will be returning to "Youtube" soon enough with another installment on

                             "1st position music series" on Jdvil1..

                                                been long enough...

 Lastly, hope you folk take a moment to check out some of the "Palace niteshots", and other

images taken by Jeffrey Tirante, for those of you who haven't seen the "Orbs" shots...

well...   untill then, a "Happy 13th (hamster day) to one and all.. best wishes, and intentions

                                                from all of "us" here, Jeffrey R Tirante

               "UP-DATES" Dec.13th, '09


                       "Relics & Curios"

                                                   Lose something?...

                                                  from the division of 

                                                "we also walk dogs"... 

                                look towards this new dept., this new year!

                      "Up-Dates 1-13-10"

                   "HappyHamster day".. and happy new year!