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          "OUR STORY SO FAR"....


           Welcome to  "Our Hero"inc , my name is Jeffrey R. Tirante & for those of you

 just tuning in, here's the skinny.....

          I created "Our Hero"as a result of my return to my home town of Vineland, N.J,&

 the "tour I signed on for" with the Palace of Depression Project Assn.inc.........

                When I was a kid my Uncle Lou  would take us kiddies "bottling", on one

 particular field trip, he took my family to see the Palace & there, told us Daynor's story

 of the "three fortunes lost, & the Angel",

We listened & watched that day, as the city of Vineland razed the Palace to the ground. 

   As I got older, I would often return to what now remains today, the Ticket booth,

 benches, & patio, that leads to Little Robin's creek , with friends just to hang & play some

 guitar, or just to lurk on my own thankfull to have

the Palace as a source of inspiration & sanctuary.  

    I moved to Philadelphia in 1977 to pursue an education

 in the Arts, & careered in photography , & in the fall of

 1986, with friends & family, Carol & I were

married at the Ticket booth. 

   Several years later...

A friend gave me an article regarding Kevin J. Kirchner,

& his proposal to re-build the Palace of Depression  & create a

                                   " Living history & Arts center"

on the original grounds, requesting  volunteers & donations, Kevin asked as well for any

memories on the Palace for research & for display in the history center, so,.... I met with

 Kevin & offered our wedding images ( the only wedding to take place at the Palace) & to

 "sign on" as a volunteer, Kevin inturn, presented me with images of the Palace in it's

      "Hay-Day" I had only seen images, & the Palace it'self, in it's final Days.....

 "Home work / & the mini's"...

    "That year"....

My Father took ill, & had begun coming to Philadelphia for treatments, on what would turn

 out to be the last time I would see him again we sat down together with the images Kevin

 had given me, getting the lay of the land  and joking about how if this was home work  we'd

 work it up together as a diorama, these , & the toys we made when I was a kid were often

  modeled from the play -clay my mom made for us in the kitchen,

                                     "f you can't buy it, build it!"... 

 I was now looking forward to this spring, my father's recovery, & perhaps he & his family

 coming out to the project sometime in the future.....  

            On the eve of my father's next trip to the city, I had decided on a lark , after

 something like 26 odd years, to borrow some of Carol's bee's wax, & had started a

diorama of the Palace, & ticket booth, by morning, several other pieces as well, eager to

 show my dad what I did in school today, I was just wrapping up when my brotherJohn

 called me to say dad had passed away that morning,...

         All said & done, I'd like to think he was there with me working on one last project,...

To Dad,..."represent".

"Founder's Day, & Mr.J.Dvil"


   "That spring"...

      Kevin invited Carol, my brother Mike & myself to our 1st              

 "Founder's day"

& to meet the 

                                "Friends of Historic Vineland"

 The members inacting famous figures from the city of Vineland's history, Kevin

  represnting GeorgeDaynor, & displaying the wax models I had given him along with images

 of the palace & recoverd  artifacts from the digs around the site, Well, the models

 weren't going to last long between the heat & the Handling!,

      Kevin asked me if I could come up with something a little more durable, so, working

 again from the images & my wax models, I created the "Hero" (Large) concept model we

 now display, & on a lark , decided to cast some of the smaller wax models as well,

 returning the following spring to Vineland for Founder's Day (& with a unaimous vote!)

 sporting my horns, I joined Kevin & Co. at the Palace booth as "Mr. J. D'vil" Hawking the

 1st Palace souvenirs in over 40 years.





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                "6  years later"   & this past season I came down with "Shingles", everything ground

to a stop , returning to the Palace that spring was out of the questionor photography

work& I was stuck in my home  feeling as if I was being beat with a chain,( & then some, ) 

 So I dug out some model kits ( ya the ones I had "lost" in the back

of my closet!) & eventualy started customizing these & trying my hand at "scratch-

building" a few for my own head,  & now  with Palace mini's& more, I present to you

"Our Hero Inc.", "if you can't buy it, build it!" & if you

can't, we will

 PAX, Jeffrey R. Tirante 

 for more information on the" Palace of Depression project" & 

"Our Hero Inc.", e-mail me at ; jydvil@gmail.com.  (heh)

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