"Our Hero Inc."

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                                 April1st, 2011

                                 "Hello! and welcome back"


                                         I know it's been a while, 

so let me begin by saying thanks to everyone who checked on our pulse this winter via

e-mails, Facebook, and tuning in our skills on youtube ( my bad when I wrote you Ellen!

I said FB, when I meant the latter)..

     Any whoo, we'll be gearing up to start the season about the 1st week of May,

happy to say (and I hope I'm not jinxin' it) we made it through this season

without any damage, and have received a lot of cool stuff folks to put in and on the walls

which we hope to finish this season, so we can set the beams for the ceiling,as well as

finishing the ramp system.  for those just tuning in on the project hope you'll check out the

skills of yours truly, and friends on "Youtube", we have two stations now hosting music on

Sundays at the Palace the original, "jydvil1, and the new channel "themircafe", the latter

show-casing local, and old friends perform original, and cover tunes of thier favorite songs

please enjoy! Well, gonna keep it short tonight, but will get back to all of you when we

decide on our days, until then, peace out,


                      "May 1st, 2011"

                                                "Hello, and welcome back!"

                        The Palace project is off and running for the spring,

         beginning with the Vineland's church ofJesus Christ and latter day saints

               coming out to volunteer May 1st, and cleaning up after the winter,

                                    Fred came out to start the steel work,

           and Kristian Kirchner displayed the"Hero" model of the Palace

               in it's new display case!

          With the new season underway, we hope to see all our old friends and new

                      out to lend a hand, or to just take the "nickle tour"

   We hope to see you as well out at Vineland's Founder's day this May 14th, and 15th,

                  and yes!! we now have the 1st"O.H.Inc. trademarked mini's!

                    these will be available at the Vineland Historical soc.,

                              and of course, the Palace. so stop on out,

                                                  "Until then".. warm regards, J. D'vil

                  "Up-Dates, May 15th, 2011"

                                                      Welcome back!,

         gotta make this short, but just want to say we're underway at the palace, great

    help right from the  start

    with the New Jersey youth corps, with their help,

   Kevin has begun thegrand fire place, Ernie is just about done the wishing well, and I'm on

   the story telling circle again, thanks guys and gals!

          Founder's day was great, even in the rain!, lots of new tents, and Vineland's 1st

   maypole, in a 100 yrs,  The P.o.D would also like to thank every one who has

   just come to chill,plant some plants, and play a little music,

   go check out Josh Cooper's skills @ "themircafe"

   and thanks to his mom Ester & Kevin Williams for bringing out and help plant the  plants

   and flowers donated by Wanda Hernandez Martorana,

   sure their're enjoying all this rain, well,

                                got to go, stop on out.

                                          "Untill then" Jeff Tirante 


                                           "November 10th, 2011"

                                                Welcome back !

                              An even longer time has passed friends,

                                                      our bad, .....

 rather than bogg this update with this and that, we're going to ask you to check out the

new images we've posted, our thanks to everyone this season that worked so hard making

it possable for so much that was acomplished this season, Fred Tolley, Ernie Marcochi,

Sam, and Tony Campell, ( our sympathy, and condolances to thier family on the passing of

Tony's wife Peggy) the New Jersey youth corps, and all who came out with donations

and the spirit to help this season through to our 3rd annual Halloween walk-through

 so please, go to our image gallery, and enjoy,

                                               sincerely, Jeffrey Tirante. 


                                                    " Febuary 26th 2012"

                                                        Welcome back!

     thanks to every one  for stopping in over the Fall and Winter months!

   for those of you who couldn't make it out to our 3rd  Halloween here's hoping next year

   we'll see you!

            a lot has gone on through the winter months, with the decission to cover the upper

   floor of the Palace with a HUGE drop cloth, we have been able to continue work on the

   den and kitchen, as well as conducting tours this season, and with luck through to the

 spring, with the completion of the wagon wheel door to the "nugget room", Fred Tolley

  has gone on to working up the ramp system that will take folk up to the radio tower, and

 walk ways on the Palace's 2nd floor, also begun, or completed are the pulpit on the grand

fireplace, the fireplace itself, and the arch way below the radio tower, finally conecting

 the palace entirely at the ground level,  as well as the ground aroubd the Palace being

 cleared of debris along the banks of Little Robin's creek and the paths and rock gardens


            Before we go, we would like to remind everyone, you are more than welcome to

 come out to visit for the "nickle tour", but please, only if the cable's down, ( you may

also call ahead, 856-899-3291) to see if we're in, if you decide to tresspass, the police

 will ticket and/or, empound your car. so please, don't.

             once again, we wish to thank everyone that has helped out as a volunteer, or

 made a donation of materials, or funds, we hope you feel as good about the Palace and

progress as we do,

                                                    sincerely, j. Tirante