"Our Hero Inc."

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                                            "And welcome back" November 5th,  2012

Well, lots to catch up on, ( dont't know what's up with the site, and why I can't work the font and size )

but let's get crackin' the past summer has been verey busy with the completion of the main room and  sunset kitchen

to hight so we can hopefuly place the rafters and put the A-frame on the main house which will help greatly

in reducing  water in the basement, and furthe damage to the oak planked floor in the main room,

this past winter most if the Palace was covered with a tarp keeping everything dry for the most part, allowing use

ofthe kitchen and main room, Fred Tolley has begun the ramps that will lead up and around the radio tower, these

ramps also serve as the roof of the ramps leading up to the sunset kichen and down to the Devil's den, etc. these

were also this past hurricane covered over, and with sand bags blocking the run off down the basement ramp, greatly

reduced the flooding in the basement ( you can check my FB page for images of Sandy vrs the Palace) fun stuff being

out there for the show!

       we also this past season aquired a new company cat,  goes by the name of "Boone" very cool, and I'm greatful

for the company,  and during the late sring and early fall with the skills of Joni Jardel and Sam Campbell we now have a

beautiful garden along the walk way down to the ticketbooth, as well as other gardens on the Palace grounds.

this past October the Levoy theater hosted a fund raiser for the Palace project, though only drawing a small crowd of

well wishers, it still gave several folk as well as myself a chance to use our talents on stage, a really cool feeling  to do

so, and not to be missed ( please check the Palace FB page for details) our seoned fundraiser coming up Nov. 15th.

hosted by the N.J Deviler news paper, comedy and music, aswell as open mic, if need be you can reach me for details

@ 856-899-3291

we have been having a lot of folk coming to the PoD to use it as a set or back drop for images and film, this has been

very cool, we simply ask for nothing to racy, and a small donation of 25 dollars, proceeds going for the purchase of

materials for the project, thanks in advance and come on out and do your thing!,

                Our 4th annual Halloween walk through was a wonderful thre nights of fun and scaryness, with the

completion of the first story of the Palace as a terriffic back drop and the help of many awesome volunteers,

and Tony Campbell  for his skills once more as the Palace's DJ providing a great mix of fun and spooky music.

         I know I've probabley missed a few cool things here and there, but 'm going to keep up with more

regular postings.

               well, once more before signing off, thanks again to the N.J youth corps lead by Steve Medio, for coming out 

and giving us a hand when they could, and all the other wonderful folk that have come and gone with the wonder and

inspiration that we hope the Palace brings to one and all,

                                                                     Thankyou all, sincerely, Jeffrey Tirante

                   now for the other side of the fence, don't forget to check out our skills with what's being worked up at

"Our Hero", neat stuff going on, hope to update images soon, and last but not least, the "mir cafe is still kickin'! this,

is a free-bee folks, so come out strum away, and join our fellow musicians on our YouTube station,

                                                                      see ya then!