"Our Hero Inc."

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 "Palace of Depression Restoration Project Assn.inc."

 "Welcome to our home"

           Hello, my name is Kevin J. Kirchner,

 a licenced building inspector for the city of Vineland, N.J, 

   I have formed a "non-profit " corporation for the purpose of re-building the

                                           "Palace of Depression".  

  When the Palace (re) opens it's doors to the public, it will greet them as a

                               " Living history & Arts center

      along with a 30 x 60 ft structure that will house artifacts from the original Palace as

 well as focusing on our city, & the state of New Jersey. 

         This " handi-cap accessable structure" will be adjacent to a "sculpture park"

 featuring  static displays  of " Depression-era " antiques, collectables, & hard-ware, while

 the history center will house in tribute the uniforms and fashion, & the men and women who

 survived, &, made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of our country during this turbulante

 time in our history.

       The Palace reopened, will be a place for the children of all ages  to explore as they

 learn about the arts & crafts and culture, that make our region unique,

 the history & arts center will house a theater and auditorium,meeting rooms, offices, & a

 restaurant & gift shop ( to help defray the cost of the project) parking lot, with total

 wheel-chair accessablity through out. 

       Thank you for taking the time to read this and now please take a moment  or two, to take a tour of our project

in the "image gallery"  and visit the palace, it's past, present , and  future. 

         Sincerely, Kevin J. Kirchner, L & I, Vineland, N.J, 08360

        "To Volunteer, or to make a Donation"

             We will be working on the Palace Saturdays & Mondays from 10am till dark,

 for more information, You may contact Kevin Kirchner and the Palace of Depression project assn. at;

 640 East Wood st. "Cityhall"- dept. of Licenses and Inspection, Vineland,N.J, 08360-

 or phone him at; (609) 794-4113 

 or you may e-mail me, (Jeffrey R Tirante) at; jydvil@gmail.com or call or text us @ (856)

   889-3291 Thanks!

                 "What to look forward to"

    We welcome any and all who wish to spend the day outdoors & lend their hand & skills,

 even if you haven't "laid block, mixed mud or been totally abused on a job-site"  (just


we have plenty of other goodies to pitch in with,  the set-up & tear down of equipment

 ( we supply all the tools, mud, etc)

  "feeding " those that are putting up block, (i.e gathering materials,water, mud) &

 landscaping & trash detail !

                 " What to bring"

              "Did I mention that you will be out-side all day?!

Pack yourself a "kit",

please make sure your going to be comfortable & lawd

 your heath, bring water,

fruit, bug repellent, sun-block,

 tunes (be kind & wear head phones!) 

 gloves, shades, & clothes that you just won't mind getting dirty !

                 "Please consider"

                                                   You will be on city property....... "Happy Trails" J.R. Tirante, "OH"inc., "P.D.R.P"

"Vineland's Founder's Day"

 This season's Founder's Day will be held on May 16 & the 17th,

for more imformation, please contact Kevin or I,

and we'll be happy to see you out there !

or contact;

"The Friends of Historic Vineland "

"C/O Dr. Frank De Maio. M.D,1047 Almond st. , Vineland, New Jersey 08360 ; or, you may e-mail them at ;

fdmd@comcast.net " Thanks .