"Our Hero Inc."

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                                                   " August 25th, 2012"

                                                                      " And we're back!"

                          Well, we're finally back in development ,and production  of several items,

we have been consentrating on the original reliefs and minitures of the Palace Depression, now that we have a

 finished line of the reliefs, with more of the models going into production, we can finally move on to out with

our science fiction, and adventure miniatures, to check out the prototypes, and works in production please visit our

 archives, and images.

1# on our docks at "Tirante shipyards"  is the "Moya" and Farscape 1 set, a miniture of the spacecrafts from the show "Farscape"

the "Moya will be available in transparent blue, and are painted in a bronze or half painted to look as if it's going into

 "Starburst" some of the model's will be  equipted to light up.

2# on our docks is the "Darkstar" a cult classic, this product will be availabe painted or unpainted, and will come with


                                                            In our Heroes & Heroine's Dept.

1# Witchhunter Robin" from the anime show, this will be a highly detailed statuette of our heroine will be available

 painted, or unpainted.

 2# Our custom version of "The Space Family Robinson" this is our version of the "Lost in space" saga,

 portrayed several years after the show was cancelled but the mission, continued, these as well will be available

painted, and unpainted.

The Palace, and Eddie, from the movie, "Eddie and the Cruisers" this diorama is the post production version

 with Eddie brooding and about to shatter the hand mirror as he proclaims " here's to the king, of nothing"!

3# Our 1st "Steampunk" project, a figurine of "Agatha" from "Girl Genius!"a really, cool on-line comic,

 no pictures yet. well, that's our catching up! hope you'll stay tuned, and don't hesitate to contact regarding these

 new projects, and others we have on the shipyards!

                                                            thanks for tuning in,  Jeffrey Tirante